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Re-opening after lockdown

We are open and looking forward to seeing you again. We expect there will be many patients eager to come back and see us straight away, but we will have to prioritise appointments based on patients’ needs. To book an appointment or for any other enquiry, please give us a call.

We have a long backlog of patients in pain to deal with, so please bear with us if we cannot book you in as quickly as we normally would.  Please do not attend in person at the surgery as entry will only be allowed if you have a booked appointment.

Due to the severe lack of PPE and increased regulation over the provision of general dentistry, we are very restricted in the type of treatment we can offer at the moment. We cannot provide any treatment involving aerosol. That is treatment requiring the use of a drill or scaler. This greatly limits the scope of care we can provide. Therefore unfortunately we can only perform basic emergency treatment at present. Please take this into consideration before deciding to book your appointment.

Before your appointment

Once an appointment has been made, we will call you prior to your visit to conduct a pre-appointment questionnaire. You will be asked about your general well being to ensure that you have no Corona virus symptoms and that we can treat you safely. Further questions will enable us to determine the extent of your dental needs and plan your treatment accordingly.

We request that you download and print the following two documents.

Medical history

Consent to Treatment form

Please complete these forms and bring them with you at the time of your appointment. If that is not possible, we will provide them for you upon your arrival.

Please note, in the interest of safety, the surgery loo will not be available to the public. This is a national recommendation and will be strictly observed.

Payment for any treatment provided will have to be paid on the day of appointment. The preferred method of payment is debit card, but if you wish to pay in cash please bring the correct amount (usually £22.70 for an emergency appointment) in a clear plastic bag. Charges can be discussed on the pre-appointment call.  If you are exempt from paying dental charges we will have to see proof of your exemption.

Inside the practice

We have re-arranged our waiting areas to comply with social distancing to ensure your safety. Appointment times have been extended to allow for additional cleaning and changing of PPE. This will also ensure that there is usually only one patient in the waiting room at a time.

On arrival, you must sanitise your hands using the antibacterial gel provided as soon as you enter the practice. We will take your temperature and confirm details about your health. If your temperature is deemed too high, your appointment will be rescheduled for a later date.

You will then be given a face mask and gloves to wear while you wait for your treatment, again for your protection. Our staff will also be wearing appropriate PPE.

Plastic screens have been installed on our reception desk. Please try to maintain a 2m distance from the reception desk and avoid touching the screen.

We will ask you some questions to confirm the information given on the pre-appointment call and any completed forms will be collected or provided.

After your appointment

The receptionist will arrange any follow-up appointments and then ask you to remove your gloves and discard them in the bin provided. If within 14 days of your appointment you begin to develop any symptoms of possible Covid-19 such as high fever or a new continuous cough, you should contact the practice to inform them and follow the appropriate self- isolation advice.